I have two equal  passions: Creating art and designing interiors. For over 40 years I’ve  worked as an interior designer and manual draftsman for large modernist architectural firms, high-end residential interior design firms and custom furniture workshops before starting my own design partnership LEWIS & KLADDER

In 2014 I moved from San Francisco to Palm Springs, California to reinvent myself as a full time artist. Desert living allowed me to fully engage in experimentation through practice, contemplation, patience, visioning and meditation as my artistic visions and creations evolve. The desert’s sun is clear bright light that creates radiant colors. I use more color in my work.

My works reflect a career as a designer/draftsman. I often use an old fashioned T-square, drafting tools, vellum and paper with graphite pencils to create art.  I use repurposed imagery from books, magazines and printed media to add visual depth and time to my creations. My works are centered by my love of graphic design, traditional African arts and crafts, print media, sculptural forms, abstraction, patterns, lines, repetition and motifs with positive/negative space relationships.  As a former interior designer my works of art are envisioned as an integral part of interior spaces.


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