Born: 1953  Los Angeles, CA 

Lives In:      Palm Springs CA 

Country:       USA

About Samuel

Messages from his spirit as contemporary art represents Samuel’s artistic development. He uses the centuries-old cultural tradition of communicating all types of messages using marks, symbols and images on paper. 

Desiring to bridge an age and cultural gap with art, Samuel continually poses the eternal question, “Can we as humans reach a place in our minds that embodies  spiritual and physical oneness with each other and the planet?” The consciousness of his art is directed toward forgetting disconnections and letting enlightenment make us whole. 

Samuel’s goal is to have a solo exhibition, in a well-known gallery or institution featuring his mixed media collage works and drawings on paper. He seeks representation in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, or another major city by 2025. 

Lewis has worked in architecture and interior design offices and while creating art, has managed his own design firm for over forty years. Having exhibited as a guest artist in a San Francisco gallery for twenty years, he intends to spend the rest of his life in artistic development. His recognition as an artist and his success story as an entrepreneur can inspire young and old.

Samuel creates collages and drawings which express joy, passion, pain, spirit, inequality, emotions, history, quiet moments, strength, struggle, love, fun, and being American. Race issues, gay issues, sexism, pride, travel, cultures, and spirituality are abstracted into works of art. Samuel’s interpretations of African cultures, graphic design, patterns, lines, forms, repetition, precision, movement, angles, music, randomness, graffiti, fashion design, color, and architecture are blended in mixed media collages on stretched canvas.  

To create collage images, the artist uses vintage magazines, books, print media, photographs along with his own small art works. Sometimes he creates digitally enhanced mixed media works on paper for large collages. 

Samuel creates blind contour figurative or portrait drawings using graphite, oil-stick or art crayons on paper. Lewis creates blind contour self portraits by feeling his face/body with his eyes closed while drawing. He finds the interesting faces of his blind his contour drawings  in magazines, books and African masks or sculptures. 



Phone: 415 572 6965

Mailing: 1963 E. Tachevah Drive, Palm Springs, CA 92262

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