From the first time he picked up a pencil Samuel Fleming Lewis thought of himself as an artist. 

For over 40 years he worked as a designer/draftsman for large modernist architectural offices, high-end residential interior design firms and custom furniture workshops before starting the interior design partnership LEWIS & KLADDER. He considered hand drafting on crisp white vellum with graphite pencils a creative artistic experience like no other.  In the 1970’s Lewis chose to never learn computer aided design and drafting in favor of manual drawings to communicate form, space and construction details directly from the mind’s eye. Lewis has always made time to create art throughout his design career.

In 2014 with the intention of further developing as an artist Samuel moved from San Francisco to Palm Springs, California. Desert living allowed him to fully engage in experimentation through contemplation, patience and meditation that has evolved his artistic visions and creations.

Samuel’s works of art reflects his career as a designer/draftsman. He continues to use a T-square, drafting tools, vellum, paper and graphite pencils to create art. His works are inspired by graphics, African designs, print media, sculptural forms, abstraction and motifs with positive/negative space relationships. Samuel’s visions are realized through mixed media works, paintings, collage, and drawings.

Arthaus Gallery in San Francisco represents his work where Samuel has been included in art exhibits and venues throughout the San Francisco bay area.

Richard App Gallery in Grand Rapids, Michigan represents Samuel’s 28 piece series “The 2008 Candidate”. Artprize2014 exhibited the mixed media works at City Hall

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